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Winter in Luxembourg is not the reason to stay indoors. Have you heard of winter picnics? Too cold, right? The Bubble tent will surprise you. 




Warm inside

The high quality PVC material not only keeping warmth inside but let you enjoy views. The ground "floor" has three layers: waterproof material, thermo-isolation and cozy picnic blankets on top. It means that you sit on warm surface. Plus we also provide heated pillows due request. 

This winter season Peachnic goes big. We have 2 options of bubbles:

  • The smaller one can host 2-6 people. 

  • The big one - up to 10 people. 

The bubble tent works best when the temperature outside is between 4 and 16 degrees. 
Pricing of adding the bubble to your picnic: 

Small 75 euro to the total

Big 110 euro to the total

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